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Nerds Everywhere Start Salivating

Posted by zedpop on 12/07/07

E3 2007 Coverage – Yahoo!

Well E3 is finally here which means that we get to see all the previews for upcoming games and systems that we’ve already been lambasting for the past six months. Three giants take the stage and show off their bling to cash-heavy nerds and guys dressed like Link. This is E3, this is the where games like Diablo III get unveiled (we can all dream) or Duke Nukem Forever get shown (lolz) and we get a hands on with StarCraft II (yes!)

This is also where we get the latest console buzz, the price drops (on PSP and XBox360) the new designs (PSP) and the upcoming releases that include:

  • Guitar Hero III
  • Halo III
  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Gran Turismo 5

My only wish is that I could have been there to g33k out on all the goodies. That I could have seen with my eyes how the PS3 can actually perform and how the Wii is going to extend it’s market to women. This year’s E3 is sounding like a real awesome one, check out the link for videos and stories from the YVG guys.


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Posted by zedpop on 06/07/07

My Mum Hand-Knits An iPhone – Daddy Types

Awesome does not really begin to cover this one. Totally awesome does not even cover this one. Even giving it 1000 Awesome Points(tm) does not cover this one. The only true, true justice is in the picture.



Behold! the mighty iPhone has been replaced and upgraded. The new black is the knitted iPhone!

Her [my mother’s] iPhone is the same size as the original: 2.5 x 4.5 inches. She made it with #6 needles, and had 15 stitches, 6 per inch. The body is made using a stocking knit stitch, knit 1 purl 1, with 6″ of black, and 3″ of grey added to the end. This ends up being much easier than setting in a separate screen section.

I’m speechless. The details go on from there. Visit the site and read up on how one would go around creating their own knitted version of the $600 beast. My hat is doffed to the knitter.

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Transform And Roll Out

Posted by zedpop on 03/07/07

Why The Original Transformers Movie Is Better Than Michael Bays – Slate.com

 Like it ever stood a chance. The new Transformers movie is finally out and the nerds (myself included) are out and about braving sunlight and contact with girls to see it. We’re both foaming at the mouth and shaking our fists at the same time. This is going to be the most loved/hated movie of the season.

Like any good geek, Transformers was a staple of my cartoon diet and Optimus Prime was my home boy. Megatron was scary as shit and Starscream was the sniveling psition jockey that usually led to the Deceptacon’s downfall. I even remember the episodes where he got what he wanted but missed Megatron too much. See? even evil is sweet.

But this isn’t about childhood memories, it’s about the crushing hulk of the new Transformers movie versus the old made-for-tv one. I’ll tell you this much when Prime bites it in the first one I cry. Every time, I cry. I loved Prime and to watch his noble animated sacrifice just tears me up inside. Nothing was more human that what Prime did at that moment. He knew that the Autobots would be lost without him but that if he lived, the world would be lost.

I’m going to guarantee you, even without having seen the new one yet that there’s not going to be a shed tear in the house. That no fanboy is going to cry if be-lipped Optimus croaks or if Scorpionok gets smushed. More likely we’ll be gawking at the special effects because that’s what a movie is these days, it’s special effects.

The original had none of the budget, none of the whiz-bang and none of the promotion, it was simply a good story voiced by some awesome actors and that’s what made it a cult classic. A perfect seguay between the first and second evolutions of Transformers. Of course I’m fully expecting a TV return of Transformers, but I don’t know if it will be the same or if it will be CGI’d into an unregonizable mess.

Stick with the basics. Good. Evil. Transform. Theme Song.


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Just One More Level

Posted by zedpop on 26/06/07

Story (Via smh.com.au)

Resting easy with my DS in one hand and my wireless PS2 controller in the other I read this article today giving all virgins a hope in hell that’s it’s not a lost cause. It turns out that we aren’t totally mentally incapacitated after all and it’s not an illness, it’s merely, uh..an addiction?

No, wait! It’s not an addiction either, it’s merely geeky, though this quote from the article doesn’t sound too positive:

“Working with this problem is no different than working with alcoholic patients. The same denial, the same rationalization, the same inability to give it up,” Dr. Thomas Allen of the Osler Medical Center in Towson, Maryland.”

So I’m an alcoholic now? What if I’m already and alcoholic who happens to like video games too? Crap, now I’m just totally screwed.

Once again a newspaper article makes all gamers out to be total social misfits, like they can’t tell the difference between real life (chicks won’t talk to you) and second life (chicks will talk to you – but they’re really men). Me, I love video games, I love them to pieces there can be few better way to waste an hour (or six) that getting your guy that gold armour on level 47 of the Gorvak Mines.

Sure, I might be a little pale, but the TV gives me a sort-of tan. And sure it annoyWOWs my wife no end that I love the Wii more than spending quality time with her. But I’m not addicted. No sir. I mean, I wouldn’t spend so much time on them if they weren’t so loving awesome. As gamers go, I’m pretty lightweight, I can actually stand to tear myself away every now and again to do other things, like you know, work.

What I don’t think that any of these reporters get is that gaming is a whole sub-culture full of it’s own touchstones (memes), heroes (fatal1ty) and villains (3D Studios). It has a community (SL) a meeting grounds (message boards) and a government (Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft). It’s an entire civilization, thanks to Sid Meier. We have tools (gamesharks) and resources (internet) we have currency (l33tness) and language (pwnd!).

Screw it. Let’s be proud of our geekiness and our love of games. Let’s stand up and shout “WE ARE GAMERS!” with pride. We’re not sick, you are. You just don’t get it.

And as soon as I finish this level, I’ll do just that.

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Posted by zedpop on 22/06/07


Story (Via msnbc)



Nerds 1 : Government 0. Surely this is just going to prove that the billions upon billion of tax dollars that goes into defense and the military is a a little miss spent? No? Over 1,500 systems were taken off line by “hackers” I put that in inverted commas because, no doubt, being 733t, the call themselves H@X00rZ.

Regardless, I can see nothing but funny in this story, I think that they trying to scare us with the big bad internet bogeyman when really it’s just shown me the complete inefficiency of some of the world’s best paid people. Instead of worrying about security I’m more giggling at the general idiocy shown by the Pentagon.

The poor excuses issued by Gates (no, not that one) and the ridiculous idea that the Pentagon is using outdated systems – what, how is that possible? I thought we gave ALL our money to them so they could stop using Apple IIe’s? Don’t tell me they spend it all on a PS3?

pwnedStill, why would anyone pick on the poor defenseless building that’s set up for defending the country? Wait. That came out kind of wrong. How can we put this so the Pentagon looks blameless and not like an over inflated waste of tax dollars that just got totally pwnd?

Oh wait. We can’t.

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Watch Alba Wii!

Posted by zedpop on 14/06/07

Story (Via Yahoo!)

In what looks like angling for some promotional dollars from Nintendo, Jessica Alba has been talking about how much fun it is to Wii.

I’m sure there’s lots of non-famous people who love their Wii too, but Yahoo! sure as shit doesn’t write and article about them. I’m trying to decide whether this article was written because she’s “famous” or because she’s a she. If Orlando Bloom told us he loves his PS3, would that make the news?

Maybe it’s just coincidence that Alba is starring in a summer crapbuster, maybe I’m a little jaded over here. There’s no secret that “famous” people sell things. Like Diddy shilling hamburgers or Ogresses selling computers. But am I to think that Alba is loving the Wii publicly for nothing? Out of the goodness of her heart? Maybe Nintendo has a sweet positioning in the movie, or maybe..uh..duh…the game of the movie will come out on Wii and they’d like to sell three or four before we all realise how crap it is.

I’m also not going out on a limb to guess that the Wii was frii, well that is, in exchange for a few kind words. Now if only I was famous enough to sell my soul for an iPhone.

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Oh, I See What You Did There

Posted by zedpop on 12/06/07

Story (Via Wired)

Far be it from me to say when enough is enough but when technocrats are busier designing advertisement technology than they are, say mechanical hearts for dying babies in India – we have a problem. Sure, I love technology, I love geeky science and flashy graphics on my PS2. I’m not saying there isn’t a market for new non-vital technology (infact, most people who have an iPod will tell you that they can’t live without it)

I Can’t Do That Dave Meet eyebox2, a tricksy little piece of machinery that will relay to an electronic billboard when someone is looking at it. This will make the billboards we ignore today punch us in the face tomorrow. As anyone who’s seen the electronica that is Tokyo, Vegas or Singapore will tell you the pop and sizzle of billboards scrolling up and down with every item from toothpaste to digital cameras is nothing but nauseating. Yet, after time we tune them out.

Sure, when those billboards first get put up we will all gawk with wonder at “how is it doing that” in the meantime we are being subliminally sold Kotex, Pepsi and god knows what else.

In the dystopian fantasy, Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury imagined a world where Television had all but captured out every waking moment and we gave up complete freedom to learn and grow by actually reading.

Not that this is the first step to that, no siree.

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