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Now You’re Just Being Glib

Posted by zedpop on 21/06/07


Story (Via Yahoo!)



I almost died of shock reading this, no really John Travolta agrees with Tom Cruise on psychiatry? Really? Wow, who would have guessed that, I mean one crazy scientologist agreeing with another? What next? Sam Brownback agreeing with Rev. Jesse Jackson that sex before marriage is evil? whoa, stop me if I’m going to fast here I know there’s a lot to take in.

Sweet marmalade, as soon as Travolta drops off our screens from his almighty comeback he starts bobbing around again, flailing his weird little arms for attention – here we are, almost having forgiven him for Michael and he does something stupid.

What I’d really like to know is if Tom Cruise asked for the back up or he’s sitting in his lounge room, head in hands sighing “oh great, I’ve got a nut case sticking up for me?” Can we expect a slew of scientologist celebrities¬† to “come out of the spaceship closet” as it were and denounce psychiatry? Jason Lee? Kate Ceberano? Oprah Winfrey? oh…I’ve said too much.

Having crazy people back up your crazy opinions doesn’t make you look less crazy, it makes you look more crazy because you have crazy friends. Duh. Then again, I’m not sure if I know the history of insanity or not.


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