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Posted by zedpop on 22/06/07


Story (Via msnbc)



Nerds 1 : Government 0. Surely this is just going to prove that the billions upon billion of tax dollars that goes into defense and the military is a a little miss spent? No? Over 1,500 systems were taken off line by “hackers” I put that in inverted commas because, no doubt, being 733t, the call themselves H@X00rZ.

Regardless, I can see nothing but funny in this story, I think that they trying to scare us with the big bad internet bogeyman when really it’s just shown me the complete inefficiency of some of the world’s best paid people. Instead of worrying about security I’m more giggling at the general idiocy shown by the Pentagon.

The poor excuses issued by Gates (no, not that one) and the ridiculous idea that the Pentagon is using outdated systems – what, how is that possible? I thought we gave ALL our money to them so they could stop using Apple IIe’s? Don’t tell me they spend it all on a PS3?

pwnedStill, why would anyone pick on the poor defenseless building that’s set up for defending the country? Wait. That came out kind of wrong. How can we put this so the Pentagon looks blameless and not like an over inflated waste of tax dollars that just got totally pwnd?

Oh wait. We can’t.


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