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The Tao Of Shopping

Posted by zedpop on 10/07/07

Preaching the anti-shopping gospel – latimes.com

I wonder how many people actually get the irony of Rev. Billy? Using the consumer culture against itself. Turning the mass market of televangelism into a way to expose the putrid masters of push..

[…]Rev. Billy has spent much of the last decade parading through the streets of Manhattan, shouting through a megaphone messages such as: “Mickey Mouse is the anti-Christ!”

Accompanied by a robed choir belting out gospel songs, the Rev. Billy condemns the “Disneyfication” of Times Square and warns that Wal-Mart is part of the “consumer axis of evil.”

The Rev. advocated the re-empowerment of the people and choice. To turn our back on big-box retailers and their small town crushing ways. Given choice and the power to move beyond the big-business retailers.

Still, I would like to know what Rev. Billy would say to those that can only afford to do their shopping at these retailers. I’d honestly like to stick it to Wal-Mart but with the purchasing muscle that the corporation versus the prices offered by smaller outfits I can’t pay the prices to shop other places sometimes.

“Don’t go shopping in a big-box store if you can help it,” he said. “Don’t go to a chain store if you can help it. Those are sweatshop products. Those are union-busting companies.”

Yes! I couldn’t agree more with these sentiments. I think that the union in America needs to be empowered again. To carry some real clout and to influence politics on the left. The little guys for the little guys. But it twists that we all can’t move beyond these retailers because of our class status.

So where do people like us go? People without the material worth to shop elsewhere at all? It feels like these places have people like us in a stranglehold. So…where do we go?


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Arctic Monkey Endangerment!

Posted by zedpop on 05/07/07

Arctic Monkeys “shiver” at Live Earth Hypocrisy – Yahoo!

Oh no, whatever shall we do, some whingy British band is vying for attention and are lashing out at Live Earth! I’m sure we’re all just shaking in our footy pyjamas. Disappointing sales of there second album, the fact that nobody cares about them after their breakout and despite their massive popularity 15 minutes ago, I don’t remember ever hearing one of their songs. Like so much fireworks Arctic Monkeys have fizzled out. Stupid name and all. I believe they too Franz Fedinand with them.

But, whoa! what crap through yonder internet breaks?

Large parts of the band’s hometown of Sheffield were flooded at the end of last month after a deluge of mid-summer rain that some blamed on global warming. Two people were killed.

But the band wonder why anyone would be interested in the opinion of rock stars on a complex scientific issue like climate change.

Because scientists are boring as bat shit and nobody puts them on TV. Oh, and nobody respects them. But here, you have fans, people who love you music and that thing you do and would listen to you if you preached slapping grandmas for peace.

Bob Geldof, the architect of Live Aid and Live 8, the two biggest awareness-raising concerts in history, had a public spat with Al Gore about the need for the event.”Why is he (Gore) actually organising them?”

Because, numbnuts, some people still don’t get it. Some people are hopeless that there isn’t anything we can do. Some people don’t even believe in global warming.  Raising awareness isn’t just “hey, it’s here! look!” it’s also about what we can do for the situation. Remember?  the theory behind your own concert wankfests? Like you’ve got a copyright on them?

If it takes a concert by popular artists to wake people up, then I’m all for as many as we need. Here’s to President Gore.

President Gore

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Just Ignore That, It’s Only The Law

Posted by zedpop on 28/06/07

Story (LATimes.com)

Isn’t it good to know that when you get subpoenaed you can just stick out your tongue, put your hand, fanned out and go “narnie-narnie-narnie”? So next time you get summoned for say, a federal crime you can just not turn up, tell them that you’re taking your ball and going home?

What do you mean I can’t do that? Surely if one man can do it, so can I? Sure the president’s a powerful man but even he isn’t above the law is he? is he? Oh fuck, he is, isn’t he? He’s already proven that he can twist the truth and he’s already proven that he can never be accountable for anything that goes wrong.

Surely Americans can’t be that blind – let me break it down for you:
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Immigints Tikin Yer Jerbs

Posted by zedpop on 13/06/07

Story (Via LATimes)


Well here’s an unsurprise, once again all the yelling and screaming from the righteous right on immigration is more hot air. These scare-tactics masters from such maneuvers as TERRORIST! and ANTHRAX! (TERRORST! II) are now lumping in with the all new horror film of TAKING OUR JERRRRRRRRRBS!

Jerbs With most common-sense people figuring out that Iraq ≠ Afghanistan and Saddam ≠ Osama, they are also realizing that Bush & Co have pulled a fast one on them since pretty much day one. Running out of the the same trick, the new candidates for Overlord have had to make something else up that’s just as frightening. Immigrants.

Republican (read: Right-Wing) candidates for election in 2008 are almost singing in tune when it comes to no amnesty and forced deportation and the smack down on anyone who even thinks about Immigrating to “the greatest country on earth”. Well, that might be overkill on the forced deportation but it almost feels that some of the candidates are alluding to it. (Hi, Tom Tancredo!)

In fact, if you ask most thinking people, Illegal Immigration is a much smaller blip on their political radar than say, oh i don’t know the little Tête-à-Tête we’ve got going in Iraq. Must we tromp over these grounds again? Legal Immigration is red tape city, very expensive and highly invasive the system that’s in place for legal immigrants does not work. Full stop. This could well be one of the main issues that is causing Illegal Immigrants.

Well, that – and complete ignorance of the climates in the countries that mainly immigrate illegally. You know, the important things that ordinary people like to ignore in favour of fuel prices.

Giving these matters, serious, logical and honest thought, time and money is what is needed, not scare-politics.

Like every country, America needs Immigrants.

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