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You Can’t Hide When You’re Yellow.

Posted by zedpop on 13/07/07

Fox Keeps A Lid On “Simpsons Movie” – LATimes.com


As we should all be well aware by now, the Simpsons Movie is almost vomiting upon our screens. Whilst the trailers would like us to believe that this is that snappy, witty and wise Simpsons of the earier years any realist will know that the show has slipped in the last 5 years. That the movie could never be as great as if they had released it at the peak of the popularity of the show.

Now this comes out – that they are not doing any critic screenings until 3 days before the release (27/7/07). The official word from Fox was that they didn’t want to spoil the “plot” or have the movie scooped by internet blogging sites. But just a quick read of the article and even blind freddy can see that there is a little misdirection going on here.

“Anybody who’s needed to see the film has already seen it,” said the spokeswoman, who asked that her name not be used. “We’re not concerned about audience response to the film. The audience response has been overwhelming.”

Or to put it in English: “Only Matt Groening, Rupert Murdoch and the usher have seen it. We don’t care what you think, millions of idiots will pay to see it regardless of how crap it is”

This is actually a fairly common marketing ploy among movie makers when they are worried that their movie isn’t quite up to par, yet they have spent a lot of money buzzing it and making people excited about it. They want to earn as much money as they can before the negative reviews come in and quash the film (Fantastic Four, anyone?)

If the film was any good they’d have no qualms about a pre-release screening for the critics because the critics with their positive opinions could sway the so-so public into going to see the movie, thus making more money for Fox. The die hards will go no matter how bad it is.

It’s sad to say that the Simpsons should have kicked it years ago but it’s honest. There will always be a place for main stream animation, but just not the Simpsons. Not anymore.


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Life Immitates Art…At A Price

Posted by zedpop on 11/07/07

Dubai Luxury – Submarines For The Super-Rich

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen recently paid a reported $12 Million dollars for a fully functioning 12.2 Meter Yellow Submarine. Yes, that’s right – a Yellow Submarine.


 It’s obvious that Allen is a, er, minor Beatles fan and this just goes to show that a fool and his money are soon parted. Surely there’s not a better way to spend $12 million dollars than on something this stupid? Sure it’s his money and he can do what he likes with it, but whilst he is cavorting in that Octopus’ garden I hope he gets the bends because this is just a stupidly selfish purchase.

Mot enough attention can be given to the Gates’ Foundation but crap like this needs to be lambasted for the selfish greed it is.

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The Tao Of Shopping

Posted by zedpop on 10/07/07

Preaching the anti-shopping gospel – latimes.com

I wonder how many people actually get the irony of Rev. Billy? Using the consumer culture against itself. Turning the mass market of televangelism into a way to expose the putrid masters of push..

[…]Rev. Billy has spent much of the last decade parading through the streets of Manhattan, shouting through a megaphone messages such as: “Mickey Mouse is the anti-Christ!”

Accompanied by a robed choir belting out gospel songs, the Rev. Billy condemns the “Disneyfication” of Times Square and warns that Wal-Mart is part of the “consumer axis of evil.”

The Rev. advocated the re-empowerment of the people and choice. To turn our back on big-box retailers and their small town crushing ways. Given choice and the power to move beyond the big-business retailers.

Still, I would like to know what Rev. Billy would say to those that can only afford to do their shopping at these retailers. I’d honestly like to stick it to Wal-Mart but with the purchasing muscle that the corporation versus the prices offered by smaller outfits I can’t pay the prices to shop other places sometimes.

“Don’t go shopping in a big-box store if you can help it,” he said. “Don’t go to a chain store if you can help it. Those are sweatshop products. Those are union-busting companies.”

Yes! I couldn’t agree more with these sentiments. I think that the union in America needs to be empowered again. To carry some real clout and to influence politics on the left. The little guys for the little guys. But it twists that we all can’t move beyond these retailers because of our class status.

So where do people like us go? People without the material worth to shop elsewhere at all? It feels like these places have people like us in a stranglehold. So…where do we go?

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Arctic Monkey Endangerment!

Posted by zedpop on 05/07/07

Arctic Monkeys “shiver” at Live Earth Hypocrisy – Yahoo!

Oh no, whatever shall we do, some whingy British band is vying for attention and are lashing out at Live Earth! I’m sure we’re all just shaking in our footy pyjamas. Disappointing sales of there second album, the fact that nobody cares about them after their breakout and despite their massive popularity 15 minutes ago, I don’t remember ever hearing one of their songs. Like so much fireworks Arctic Monkeys have fizzled out. Stupid name and all. I believe they too Franz Fedinand with them.

But, whoa! what crap through yonder internet breaks?

Large parts of the band’s hometown of Sheffield were flooded at the end of last month after a deluge of mid-summer rain that some blamed on global warming. Two people were killed.

But the band wonder why anyone would be interested in the opinion of rock stars on a complex scientific issue like climate change.

Because scientists are boring as bat shit and nobody puts them on TV. Oh, and nobody respects them. But here, you have fans, people who love you music and that thing you do and would listen to you if you preached slapping grandmas for peace.

Bob Geldof, the architect of Live Aid and Live 8, the two biggest awareness-raising concerts in history, had a public spat with Al Gore about the need for the event.”Why is he (Gore) actually organising them?”

Because, numbnuts, some people still don’t get it. Some people are hopeless that there isn’t anything we can do. Some people don’t even believe in global warming.  Raising awareness isn’t just “hey, it’s here! look!” it’s also about what we can do for the situation. Remember?  the theory behind your own concert wankfests? Like you’ve got a copyright on them?

If it takes a concert by popular artists to wake people up, then I’m all for as many as we need. Here’s to President Gore.

President Gore

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All I Ever Wanted Was Ziggy-Zig-Ah

Posted by zedpop on 29/06/07

(Spice Girls Announce Reunion – LATimes.com)

As if their “legacy” wasn’t enough, as if Spiceworld was not good enough for them the Spice Girls are back to haunt us again with pure pop craptacularness. If you don’t remember the Spice Girls, feel lucky – feel very lucky. An early nineties phenomena of five English “birds” bouncing in tops to small to music too bubbly. Is the horror coming back yet?


Is the visual reminder helping at all? Just imagine the ginger one’s tits flopping out when she curtsy’s to the Queen. There, classy aren’t they?

In this age of bands reforming – The Police, Duran Duran, Poison, Genesis for one thing only and it’s sure not the music the last thing we need is a reformation of a prefabbed group. Weren’t they crap enough the first time? do we really need to have it all over again? But I bet you that these concerts will sell. People will go and see the Spice Girls. Don’t you get it, if you support terrorism, then it keeps happening! And this is the worst kind of terrorism there is – musical terrorism.

When has a reformation ever actually worked? They get together and then they realise why they broke up in the first place, what a wonderful lesson. Can’t we just all agree to move on? It’s obvious that these groups are greater than the sum of their solo parts but it’s alot easier to ignore the solo artist than it is the “mega band”. It just gets worse when they don’t even realise that their time is up.

Twisted Sister is still playing, but they know it’s a joke. They don’t make a lot of money doing it and they don’t crap on about it either. The most polite thing the Spice Girls could have done, other than not reform at all was to do it quietly and work their way back up.

hahahahaha. Oh, nevermind.

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John, Paul, George & George

Posted by zedpop on 27/06/07

Story (via RS.com)

If ever there was a sign that we need to put this old goat out to pasture, or indeed to the back shed to put a shell in him then surely this is it. Most people know when it’s their time to move on, some hand on a little longer than necessary, but most will shuffle off in due time. Just look at Bob Barker and Tony Blair.

But not King, oh noes, Larry King has interviewed everyone from Julius Caesar to Snoop and I believe he’d probably continue this until he’s interviewing the 2040 olympic team. In one of his more memorable spots King had Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Olivia Harrison and Ringo Starr on and between inane questions he referred to the Beatles drummer as “George”

Starr, being Starr was content to let it go, but Paul, being Paul decided to jerk him around a little and I believe for once, I’m with Paul –

KING: Where were you when — when John passed?
MCCARTNEY: When John passed I was in Sussex, at my home in Sussex. That’s where I was.
KING: Did somebody call you?
MCCARTNEY: Yes, my manager at the time called me. And it was just the shock of all shocks, you know?
KING: George, where were you?
KING: Ringo.
MCCARTNEY: No, this is Ringo here.
KING: Ringo, where were you?
STARR: I was in the Bahamas.
KING: I was getting to (INAUDIBLE) George.
STARR: I was…
MCCARTNEY: No, you weren’t, Larry. You said his name wrong.
STARR: Shut up, it’s my turn.
MCCARTNEY: I know, but he got your name wrong, Ringo, on national television.
STARR: I know. Give him a break.
MCCARTNEY: We can’t cut it. It’s live.
STARR: Anyway, I was in the Bahamas and the kids called and they said we’ve heard something, like John has been hurt.

Seriously, inarguably the most famous band ever comprising of four of the most famous men ever and King can’t tell them apart. It’s his JOB to know who’s who. It’s his deal to be on top of things. And this isn’t even RECENT news, this is just merely a milk run.

Despite how much of an arse Paul is, I’d still be enamoured to meet the bloke, I’d even like to meet Ringo if I wasn’t busy that day. Sheesh. It’s time for King to leave. All things must pass, Larry – all things must pass.

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Mr. Ed’s Getaway Car

Posted by zedpop on 20/06/07


Story (Via News.Com.Au)



It looks like the cops have lost their mind again when they start detaining horses over stolen cars. It what can only be described as the caper of the century, the horse was puling a cart that was containing the body of a suspected stolen vehicle.

I love legal terminology, “Well, we don’t know for sure, but this guy’s missing a car that looks a lot like the one they have over there but we can’t be sure. Our eyes aren’t that good anymore” this is where the whole “innocent until proven guilty” takes precedent, you know even if the guy was caught with the knife arse deep in your chest, he’s just a “suspect” or “alleged” murderer. We can all be “alleged” one thing or another. just like our horse friend here is an “alleged thief”

It seems pretty cruel, but in the end they released the horse to animal rights activists, which is good news because they’ll only use the horse to ride naked on and pull carts of weed.
Damn hippies.

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Diving For Pearls

Posted by zedpop on 19/06/07


Story (Via Yahoo!)


Millions of men who were teens in the late nineties were seen jumping for joy today as the evil mastermind behind both N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys was finally brought to justice. On the run from good music lovers, Pearlman was finally found holed up in a soundproof booth trying to put together another boy band to release upon the world.

Upon apprehension, Pearlman sneered and said that we “hadn’t heard the last of him” and that he had his secret weapon still unrevealed. Reports later confirmed that this was in fact, Maroon 5. Adam Levine was unavailable for comment as he was busy poncing around pretending to be hardcore.

Pearlman, Like Bigfoot Is Increadibly Hard To Capture On Film

Okay so maybe it wasn’t for bad music, maybe it was actually for fraud, still you have to hope. My

favourite part of the article is when he compared himself to Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez. Smooth move there, ace compare yourself to captain nutso and used-to-be-popular-now-lauged-at J Lo. At least he didn’t compare himself to Michael Jackson and Tonya Harding. Yikes.


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Who’s Your Delirious Daddy?

Posted by zedpop on 18/06/07


Story (Via SMH)



In what appears to be a desperate grab for attention from both Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy, a paternity test has finally been taken by Mr. Murphy to determine if Ms.Brown’s two month old daughter is really a Murphy-Brown. (Candice Bergen unavailable for comment)

How come when Maury does a paternity test he gets results in 40 minutes (not counting ads) but when a paternity test is taken by someone famous it can take just long enough for us to forget it was even happening? Especially if the father really is the famous star? Shout out to Mick Jagger, by the way.

I am not to sure why we all care about a pair of 90’s wash-ups and their kids, surely we can dump them in with the Beckhams as forgotten once-was’es? Ah, but here I am posting about it, bringing back to the fore front of your mind and you are remembering, oh yeah, that Spice Girl and she was preggers and what not? Why do we care so much about “celebrity” babies? Who cares what Suri looked like, or what Apple’s sister will be called? the only children we should be paying any attention to are Prince Michael, Prince Michael II and that other one because nobody needs a daddy like Jacko (happy father’s day!)

Even in the celebrity world are there not more pressing things to talk about that a Spice Girl’s baby that may or may not a comedians? sure, I guess if Jerry Seinfeld got Emma Bunton pregnant it might be a little humourous, but only for about five minutes, then we’d all get on with life.

Which is exactly what I’d like to do.

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Watch Alba Wii!

Posted by zedpop on 14/06/07

Story (Via Yahoo!)

In what looks like angling for some promotional dollars from Nintendo, Jessica Alba has been talking about how much fun it is to Wii.

I’m sure there’s lots of non-famous people who love their Wii too, but Yahoo! sure as shit doesn’t write and article about them. I’m trying to decide whether this article was written because she’s “famous” or because she’s a she. If Orlando Bloom told us he loves his PS3, would that make the news?

Maybe it’s just coincidence that Alba is starring in a summer crapbuster, maybe I’m a little jaded over here. There’s no secret that “famous” people sell things. Like Diddy shilling hamburgers or Ogresses selling computers. But am I to think that Alba is loving the Wii publicly for nothing? Out of the goodness of her heart? Maybe Nintendo has a sweet positioning in the movie, or maybe..uh..duh…the game of the movie will come out on Wii and they’d like to sell three or four before we all realise how crap it is.

I’m also not going out on a limb to guess that the Wii was frii, well that is, in exchange for a few kind words. Now if only I was famous enough to sell my soul for an iPhone.

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