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Meme Friday – NO WAI!

Posted by zedpop on 26/09/08

Popularity: Medium.

Context: It seems that this chain of O RLY – YA RLY – NO WAI also extends to YA SRSLY. I believe this may be the longest meme chain in all meme chain-dom. If there is indeed such a place. If there is not, there should be. If there is then, well….that’s just weird.

From: YA RLY




Definition: I cannot believe that to be true.


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Meme Monday: Ya Rly

Posted by zedpop on 16/07/07

Popularity: Medium.

Context: Son of the meme is the Chain Meme. A Chain meme is when a single meme post will spurr on a whole bunch more of connected meme posts. The most popular of these is the O RLY, YA RLY, NO WAI! set of meme chain. Once a context of O RLY is made and O RLY is used, the next logical meme is to post a YA RLY. YA RLY can also be used on it’s own as an answer to a question of ambiguity. Is this true? YA RLY.

From: O RLY?



Definition: Yes, really – that is so.

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Meme Monday: O Rly?

Posted by zedpop on 09/07/07

Popularity: High

Context: To be used when something of a highly dubious nature is stated in a post. Or can also be used when something contradictory is posted. It is also rarely used when a thread gets too wordy to interject a small notion of stupidity. Though originally just a text meme it has forever become synonymous with a certain snowy owl with it’s head cocked to one side.

From: The phrase “o rly?” was used on the Something Awful Forums at least as early as August 2003. The original “O RLY?” Snowy Owl image macro is based on a photo taken by nature photographer John White, which he posted to the newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.animals in 2001. (wiki)


O Rly?

 Definition: Shorthand for Oh, Really? as in “Oh, really? I didn’t know that”

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Meme Monday: Oh! I See What You Did There

Posted by zedpop on 02/07/07

Popularity: Medium

Context: To be used when you pick up on something subtle. Also can be used ironically when the joke is staring you right in the face. Most often it’s used when someone photoshops an image and the change is hard to find, yet once found, quite humourous.

From: Source unknown, though it’s been seen on FARK.COM and SA Forums.


Oh! I See What You Did There

Definition: Obvious really, once studied you get the intended idea or joke hidden in the item. It can also rarely relate to wordplay and punnage.

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Just One More Level

Posted by zedpop on 26/06/07

Story (Via smh.com.au)

Resting easy with my DS in one hand and my wireless PS2 controller in the other I read this article today giving all virgins a hope in hell that’s it’s not a lost cause. It turns out that we aren’t totally mentally incapacitated after all and it’s not an illness, it’s merely, uh..an addiction?

No, wait! It’s not an addiction either, it’s merely geeky, though this quote from the article doesn’t sound too positive:

“Working with this problem is no different than working with alcoholic patients. The same denial, the same rationalization, the same inability to give it up,” Dr. Thomas Allen of the Osler Medical Center in Towson, Maryland.”

So I’m an alcoholic now? What if I’m already and alcoholic who happens to like video games too? Crap, now I’m just totally screwed.

Once again a newspaper article makes all gamers out to be total social misfits, like they can’t tell the difference between real life (chicks won’t talk to you) and second life (chicks will talk to you – but they’re really men). Me, I love video games, I love them to pieces there can be few better way to waste an hour (or six) that getting your guy that gold armour on level 47 of the Gorvak Mines.

Sure, I might be a little pale, but the TV gives me a sort-of tan. And sure it annoyWOWs my wife no end that I love the Wii more than spending quality time with her. But I’m not addicted. No sir. I mean, I wouldn’t spend so much time on them if they weren’t so loving awesome. As gamers go, I’m pretty lightweight, I can actually stand to tear myself away every now and again to do other things, like you know, work.

What I don’t think that any of these reporters get is that gaming is a whole sub-culture full of it’s own touchstones (memes), heroes (fatal1ty) and villains (3D Studios). It has a community (SL) a meeting grounds (message boards) and a government (Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft). It’s an entire civilization, thanks to Sid Meier. We have tools (gamesharks) and resources (internet) we have currency (l33tness) and language (pwnd!).

Screw it. Let’s be proud of our geekiness and our love of games. Let’s stand up and shout “WE ARE GAMERS!” with pride. We’re not sick, you are. You just don’t get it.

And as soon as I finish this level, I’ll do just that.

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Meme Monday: Desu

Posted by zedpop on 25/06/07

Popularity: Low

Context: To be used when a thread starts endless repeating itself, or someone posts a picture of something with heterochromatic eyes.

From: Rozen Maiden (Anime) Suiseiseki (Character)



Definition: “Desu” is a Japanese copula, or to put it in english, a “be verb”. The two main ones used as predicates are “da” and “desu”. Desu is the more polite version. The character Suiseiseki (above) is known for her over frequent use of the copula to an annoying degree.

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