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Nerds Everywhere Start Salivating

Posted by zedpop on 12/07/07

E3 2007 Coverage – Yahoo!

Well E3 is finally here which means that we get to see all the previews for upcoming games and systems that we’ve already been lambasting for the past six months. Three giants take the stage and show off their bling to cash-heavy nerds and guys dressed like Link. This is E3, this is the where games like Diablo III get unveiled (we can all dream) or Duke Nukem Forever get shown (lolz) and we get a hands on with StarCraft II (yes!)

This is also where we get the latest console buzz, the price drops (on PSP and XBox360) the new designs (PSP) and the upcoming releases that include:

  • Guitar Hero III
  • Halo III
  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Gran Turismo 5

My only wish is that I could have been there to g33k out on all the goodies. That I could have seen with my eyes how the PS3 can actually perform and how the Wii is going to extend it’s market to women. This year’s E3 is sounding like a real awesome one, check out the link for videos and stories from the YVG guys.


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Oh, I See What You Did There

Posted by zedpop on 12/06/07

Story (Via Wired)

Far be it from me to say when enough is enough but when technocrats are busier designing advertisement technology than they are, say mechanical hearts for dying babies in India – we have a problem. Sure, I love technology, I love geeky science and flashy graphics on my PS2. I’m not saying there isn’t a market for new non-vital technology (infact, most people who have an iPod will tell you that they can’t live without it)

I Can’t Do That Dave Meet eyebox2, a tricksy little piece of machinery that will relay to an electronic billboard when someone is looking at it. This will make the billboards we ignore today punch us in the face tomorrow. As anyone who’s seen the electronica that is Tokyo, Vegas or Singapore will tell you the pop and sizzle of billboards scrolling up and down with every item from toothpaste to digital cameras is nothing but nauseating. Yet, after time we tune them out.

Sure, when those billboards first get put up we will all gawk with wonder at “how is it doing that” in the meantime we are being subliminally sold Kotex, Pepsi and god knows what else.

In the dystopian fantasy, Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury imagined a world where Television had all but captured out every waking moment and we gave up complete freedom to learn and grow by actually reading.

Not that this is the first step to that, no siree.

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