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You Must Remember This

Posted by zedpop on 18/07/07

Winona Finally Talks About Shoplifting Incident – Yahoo!

Hey! remember Winona? You know….Winona? She was in some movies…a while back..Heathers? Uh…Girl, Interrupted? you know….the brunette one. No? Remember the chick who got busted stealing shit from Sak’s? yeah no? Sure you do, because she’s here to remind you!

Winona Ryder, after years of obscurity silence, opens up about that whole shoplifting thing she did in 2001 that FOX News wouldn’t shut up about. Now that your memory is refreshed right up, she can go on to tell you that it wasn’t her fault, merely the underpants gnomes drugs were telling her what to do.

But, never fear! Drugs are bad mmmkay? She stopped taking Oxy and is all right now and is really sorry that she was that desperate for attention. Although from the looks of things, she’s still pretty desperate for attention that she’s talking about stuff that happened almost six years ago.

In the spirit of Winona Ryder and no longer famous – Primus!


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Now You’re Just Being Glib

Posted by zedpop on 21/06/07


Story (Via Yahoo!)



I almost died of shock reading this, no really John Travolta agrees with Tom Cruise on psychiatry? Really? Wow, who would have guessed that, I mean one crazy scientologist agreeing with another? What next? Sam Brownback agreeing with Rev. Jesse Jackson that sex before marriage is evil? whoa, stop me if I’m going to fast here I know there’s a lot to take in.

Sweet marmalade, as soon as Travolta drops off our screens from his almighty comeback he starts bobbing around again, flailing his weird little arms for attention – here we are, almost having forgiven him for Michael and he does something stupid.

What I’d really like to know is if Tom Cruise asked for the back up or he’s sitting in his lounge room, head in hands sighing “oh great, I’ve got a nut case sticking up for me?” Can we expect a slew of scientologist celebrities¬† to “come out of the spaceship closet” as it were and denounce psychiatry? Jason Lee? Kate Ceberano? Oprah Winfrey? oh…I’ve said too much.

Having crazy people back up your crazy opinions doesn’t make you look less crazy, it makes you look more crazy because you have crazy friends. Duh. Then again, I’m not sure if I know the history of insanity or not.

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Who’s Your Delirious Daddy?

Posted by zedpop on 18/06/07


Story (Via SMH)



In what appears to be a desperate grab for attention from both Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy, a paternity test has finally been taken by Mr. Murphy to determine if Ms.Brown’s two month old daughter is really a Murphy-Brown. (Candice Bergen unavailable for comment)

How come when Maury does a paternity test he gets results in 40 minutes (not counting ads) but when a paternity test is taken by someone famous it can take just long enough for us to forget it was even happening? Especially if the father really is the famous star? Shout out to Mick Jagger, by the way.

I am not to sure why we all care about a pair of 90’s wash-ups and their kids, surely we can dump them in with the Beckhams as forgotten once-was’es? Ah, but here I am posting about it, bringing back to the fore front of your mind and you are remembering, oh yeah, that Spice Girl and she was preggers and what not? Why do we care so much about “celebrity” babies? Who cares what Suri looked like, or what Apple’s sister will be called? the only children we should be paying any attention to are Prince Michael, Prince Michael II and that other one because nobody needs a daddy like Jacko (happy father’s day!)

Even in the celebrity world are there not more pressing things to talk about that a Spice Girl’s baby that may or may not a comedians? sure, I guess if Jerry Seinfeld got Emma Bunton pregnant it might be a little humourous, but only for about five minutes, then we’d all get on with life.

Which is exactly what I’d like to do.

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