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Silverchair – Straight Lines

Posted by zedpop on 14/07/07



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Frente! – Bizzare Love Triangle

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Speedstar* – Unbreakable

Posted by zedpop on 30/06/07


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Spiderbait – Buy Me A Pony

Posted by zedpop on 23/06/07


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Mr. Ed’s Getaway Car

Posted by zedpop on 20/06/07


Story (Via News.Com.Au)



It looks like the cops have lost their mind again when they start detaining horses over stolen cars. It what can only be described as the caper of the century, the horse was puling a cart that was containing the body of a suspected stolen vehicle.

I love legal terminology, “Well, we don’t know for sure, but this guy’s missing a car that looks a lot like the one they have over there but we can’t be sure. Our eyes aren’t that good anymore” this is where the whole “innocent until proven guilty” takes precedent, you know even if the guy was caught with the knife arse deep in your chest, he’s just a “suspect” or “alleged” murderer. We can all be “alleged” one thing or another. just like our horse friend here is an “alleged thief”

It seems pretty cruel, but in the end they released the horse to animal rights activists, which is good news because they’ll only use the horse to ride naked on and pull carts of weed.
Damn hippies.

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Tripod – Hot Girl In The Comic Shop

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Two Bars, One Lemon

Posted by zedpop on 11/06/07

Story (Via SMH)

Like the world didn’t have enough issues that we needed this? I’m quite sure that there’s no part of this plan that “benefits” retirees in any way what so ever. And I really can’t believe the wording here that they’re worried it “might” create a captive audience. Like how a McDonald’s at Fat Camp “might” undermine the weight-loss manifesto.

The worrying idea that they’re even considering this is horrifying in the most upsetting way. How far off track has the world gone when this is good? I can just imagine the Gambling Association siting at their dollar-sign themed table, fluro lights blinking and the sound of CPU Speaker grade CHING CHING CHING softly play in the backgroud:

“Well blokes, we need a new hook. Something that will really help our image and our profits”
“We already look the other way when kids want to gamble”
“Oh and we offer free bus rides to and from the Casinos and RSLs”
“It’s just getting those old bastards out of their homes in the first place…wait a minute…”

Let it never be said that necessity is truly NOT the mother(fucker) of invention. Ugh.

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