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Rock On, Pluto – Rock On

Posted by zedpop on 15/06/07


Story (Via National Geographic)

Well. Sucks to be you, former ninth planet of the solar system! You are now just a floating rock. Although I highly doubt that any science books will be changed and that children are still being taught that Pluto is a planet and that our solar system has nine planets revolving around the sun. That is, unless you home schooled by a conservative christian in which case you’re not allowed to use the ebil internets and the sun moves around the earth. Phew, glad we got that out of the way.

While it’s good that science is still looking to understand things we thought we understood fifty years ago, it would be nicer still if they were looking more at things that we don’t yet fully get, like cancer and the Republican Party.

Pluto, at 1:1 Scale So Eris (formally 2003 UB313, which if you ask me is a much snappier name) is much, much larger that Pluto and that Pluto is pretty much just a lost little asteroid stuck in the sun’s gravitational pull. Some of us love Pluto and were sad to see it go from Planet-hood. You think that they would be happy with that injury, but no they need more insult.

Even though this latest news tends to finally shoot Pluto in the head, it ends on a sweeter note saying that even astronomers cannot agree on what really, a planet is and that just maybe Pluto could still be a planet if you squint a little and turn your head to the side.

I’m sure we’re not done with this yet.

Just wake me up when the first book of the solar system is published that is sans-pluto, then we might take notice, until that point, Pluto can feel safe – at least in Primary School teachings and High School dioramas. You can’t keep a good rock down.


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