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You Must Remember This

Posted by zedpop on 18/07/07

Winona Finally Talks About Shoplifting Incident – Yahoo!

Hey! remember Winona? You know….Winona? She was in some movies…a while back..Heathers? Uh…Girl, Interrupted? you know….the brunette one. No? Remember the chick who got busted stealing shit from Sak’s? yeah no? Sure you do, because she’s here to remind you!

Winona Ryder, after years of obscurity silence, opens up about that whole shoplifting thing she did in 2001 that FOX News wouldn’t shut up about. Now that your memory is refreshed right up, she can go on to tell you that it wasn’t her fault, merely the underpants gnomes drugs were telling her what to do.

But, never fear! Drugs are bad mmmkay? She stopped taking Oxy and is all right now and is really sorry that she was that desperate for attention. Although from the looks of things, she’s still pretty desperate for attention that she’s talking about stuff that happened almost six years ago.

In the spirit of Winona Ryder and no longer famous – Primus!


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