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A Sickly Green Descends Over The Screen

Posted by zedpop on 17/07/07

Fifth “Shrek” May Be The Last – LATimes.com

shrek_3_5.jpg Just when you thought that the disappointing third installment was the last one, here comes another one. No wait, another two. Coming out of the “no new ideas” folder is word from DreamWorks that the fifth installment “may be the last”. What worries me is that there is definitely going to be a fourth one and that the fifth one “may” be the last. Also meaning that it may also “not be” the last.

Shrek The Third is said to have raked in almost $80 Million dollars worldwide as nothing but profit. Nothing encourages more of the sameness than stupidly high amounts of profit. Sure, not nearly as much as part I or II, but enough to as they put it:

The story itself has five chapters,” Sullivan said. “Based on the success of the first three films, at the very least, the next one, ‘Shrek 4,’ is warranted.”

Hide while you can. There’s more of this crap on the horizon.


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