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You Can’t Hide When You’re Yellow.

Posted by zedpop on 13/07/07

Fox Keeps A Lid On “Simpsons Movie” – LATimes.com


As we should all be well aware by now, the Simpsons Movie is almost vomiting upon our screens. Whilst the trailers would like us to believe that this is that snappy, witty and wise Simpsons of the earier years any realist will know that the show has slipped in the last 5 years. That the movie could never be as great as if they had released it at the peak of the popularity of the show.

Now this comes out – that they are not doing any critic screenings until 3 days before the release (27/7/07). The official word from Fox was that they didn’t want to spoil the “plot” or have the movie scooped by internet blogging sites. But just a quick read of the article and even blind freddy can see that there is a little misdirection going on here.

“Anybody who’s needed to see the film has already seen it,” said the spokeswoman, who asked that her name not be used. “We’re not concerned about audience response to the film. The audience response has been overwhelming.”

Or to put it in English: “Only Matt Groening, Rupert Murdoch and the usher have seen it. We don’t care what you think, millions of idiots will pay to see it regardless of how crap it is”

This is actually a fairly common marketing ploy among movie makers when they are worried that their movie isn’t quite up to par, yet they have spent a lot of money buzzing it and making people excited about it. They want to earn as much money as they can before the negative reviews come in and quash the film (Fantastic Four, anyone?)

If the film was any good they’d have no qualms about a pre-release screening for the critics because the critics with their positive opinions could sway the so-so public into going to see the movie, thus making more money for Fox. The die hards will go no matter how bad it is.

It’s sad to say that the Simpsons should have kicked it years ago but it’s honest. There will always be a place for main stream animation, but just not the Simpsons. Not anymore.


2 Responses to “You Can’t Hide When You’re Yellow.”

  1. Chad Stroh said

    The movie has little competition on it’s release day. It will do well in it’s opening week because it’s competing with a Lindsay Lohan thriller.

  2. zedpop said

    Touche, this I did not consider. I’m beginning to think they chose the opening week on purpose, too.

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