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Posted by zedpop on 06/07/07

My Mum Hand-Knits An iPhone – Daddy Types

Awesome does not really begin to cover this one. Totally awesome does not even cover this one. Even giving it 1000 Awesome Points(tm) does not cover this one. The only true, true justice is in the picture.



Behold! the mighty iPhone has been replaced and upgraded. The new black is the knitted iPhone!

Her [my mother’s] iPhone is the same size as the original: 2.5 x 4.5 inches. She made it with #6 needles, and had 15 stitches, 6 per inch. The body is made using a stocking knit stitch, knit 1 purl 1, with 6″ of black, and 3″ of grey added to the end. This ends up being much easier than setting in a separate screen section.

I’m speechless. The details go on from there. Visit the site and read up on how one would go around creating their own knitted version of the $600 beast. My hat is doffed to the knitter.


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