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Transform And Roll Out

Posted by zedpop on 03/07/07

Why The Original Transformers Movie Is Better Than Michael Bays – Slate.com

 Like it ever stood a chance. The new Transformers movie is finally out and the nerds (myself included) are out and about braving sunlight and contact with girls to see it. We’re both foaming at the mouth and shaking our fists at the same time. This is going to be the most loved/hated movie of the season.

Like any good geek, Transformers was a staple of my cartoon diet and Optimus Prime was my home boy. Megatron was scary as shit and Starscream was the sniveling psition jockey that usually led to the Deceptacon’s downfall. I even remember the episodes where he got what he wanted but missed Megatron too much. See? even evil is sweet.

But this isn’t about childhood memories, it’s about the crushing hulk of the new Transformers movie versus the old made-for-tv one. I’ll tell you this much when Prime bites it in the first one I cry. Every time, I cry. I loved Prime and to watch his noble animated sacrifice just tears me up inside. Nothing was more human that what Prime did at that moment. He knew that the Autobots would be lost without him but that if he lived, the world would be lost.

I’m going to guarantee you, even without having seen the new one yet that there’s not going to be a shed tear in the house. That no fanboy is going to cry if be-lipped Optimus croaks or if Scorpionok gets smushed. More likely we’ll be gawking at the special effects because that’s what a movie is these days, it’s special effects.

The original had none of the budget, none of the whiz-bang and none of the promotion, it was simply a good story voiced by some awesome actors and that’s what made it a cult classic. A perfect seguay between the first and second evolutions of Transformers. Of course I’m fully expecting a TV return of Transformers, but I don’t know if it will be the same or if it will be CGI’d into an unregonizable mess.

Stick with the basics. Good. Evil. Transform. Theme Song.



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