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Watch Alba Wii!

Posted by zedpop on 14/06/07

Story (Via Yahoo!)

In what looks like angling for some promotional dollars from Nintendo, Jessica Alba has been talking about how much fun it is to Wii.

I’m sure there’s lots of non-famous people who love their Wii too, but Yahoo! sure as shit doesn’t write and article about them. I’m trying to decide whether this article was written because she’s “famous” or because she’s a she. If Orlando Bloom told us he loves his PS3, would that make the news?

Maybe it’s just coincidence that Alba is starring in a summer crapbuster, maybe I’m a little jaded over here. There’s no secret that “famous” people sell things. Like Diddy shilling hamburgers or Ogresses selling computers. But am I to think that Alba is loving the Wii publicly for nothing? Out of the goodness of her heart? Maybe Nintendo has a sweet positioning in the movie, or maybe..uh..duh…the game of the movie will come out on Wii and they’d like to sell three or four before we all realise how crap it is.

I’m also not going out on a limb to guess that the Wii was frii, well that is, in exchange for a few kind words. Now if only I was famous enough to sell my soul for an iPhone.


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